Omega Industry Co.,Ltd, a company located close to Yiwu city China. The  company was established in 2009 specializing in greeting cards and has  developed stable and well-connected distributors in the top market  throughout EU. Omega has been walking a successful and improving path  relying on courage and firm beliefs, and more than enough Omega is proud  among its competitors. We have expanded our business and recently moved into  a larger location where displays Omega’s prosperity boundlessly vitality  with 10 thousand square meters.
Internationally Omega has been recognized with standard qualification to  process fine greeting cards. We have been granted with FSC qualified paper  and BSCI audit on annual basis. The reports are available upon request.
Our dedicated team is professional, friendly and open minded with great  passion to provide the best customer services to both internal and external  stakeholders. And the team is getting bigger and bigger every year!
If you are interested in us please feel free to contact us for more  information.
Trust Omega and believe in us.
We look forward to the greater achievement for you with Omega!